Quiz Mania

Quizzes are really an entertaining media.I have participated in many quizzes in my School Days.I wanted this to get continued in my college days too.After the end of the first year,I felt very less participation of  students in my college in quizzes.I could hardly see any one going out and representing the college for Inter college events.I think the students are only bothered about their studies and the present day curriculum doesn’t give any importance for the extra -curricular activities which give students time to relax.

In my First year I could participate in an AmalaBharatham quiz(Independence day quiz) conducted by the sanskriti. Clube.There was very less participation.My team comprising of myself and Nabhas Raj, a student of EEE of my college bagged the second position in the event.We were really happy since we were the only team fro the First years to have got selected from the prelims and it was a thrilling experience to contest with our seniors.That event helped me to become friends with many of my seniors from different departments.

After  that event I couldn’t see any quizzes in this college.I expected it at least during the college Tech fest.But it didn’t happen.

Now the second year of my B tech has started.I have become active in the FOSS club of my college.One night,When I opened the inbox of my mobile phone,I saw a message regarding-Quiz Manaia-A prelims for the selection of Campus quiz team.I was really thrilled.I participated in it.The result is yet to be out.I got an idea in my mind to start a Quiz club in my campus.I contacted the organizers of the quiz Mania.They were really supportive.They informed me that some of my seniors were also happy by seeing a larger turnover for the ‘Quiz mania’ and they were also interested in forming a club.Now,I ‘m looking forward to accomplish my idea.I ‘m also making a Firefox app.I hope all will go smooth this time.


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