Dasara evening in kannur

It was an awesome evening for me today because the Kannur  Dasara festival presented me a rare chance to see the live performance of the Indian percussionist  Padmashree Mattanur Shankarankutty  who does may magics with his instrument-  chenda.I got a golden opportunity to see him perform live along with his two sons in thrithayabakam.He has travelled around the globe and has received many laurels and awards.He is someone who has made this instrument-chenda so famous.I feel really proud to say that he belongs to my village(He was born in a village named Mattanur in Kannur).I could also witness his 60th birthday celebrations.THe cake presented to him by the Kannur Nagarasabha had a design of a drummer playing the chenda(maybe ,they may be trying to give a tribute to him for his mesmirising performances he has gifted to this world).I also got a chance to hear  a speech from Dr. CV Balakrishan,a famous  storywriter of Kerala.


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