Adding files to GITHUB REPO through terminal comands

GO to your GIT-HUB and create a new repository.

Now open a new terminal(Alt+Ctl+T),

Now move to the directory from which you need to add file to the GIT repository created,
Initialize the directory as a git repository by the command
git init
Now moving on to adding the files,
If you want to enter all the files inside that directory,enter
git add .
If you want to add only a specific file under that repository ,enter
git add file_name

Now you need to make a commit mesage,enter
git commit -m "commit message"

Now add the url of the repository created in github,
For doing that copy the ssh address of the repo given in the bottom-right side of the github repository and enter
git remote add origin url

Enter the following to verify the url
git remote -v

Now to push the file to the github repo,enter
git push origin master

If the above code doesn’t work,enter following
git pull origin master
git push origin master

Thus,the file is added to your git-hub repo. 🙂


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