Landmark General Open Quiz

27th April 2015 is definitely going to be a memorable day for me atleast for some years.Yes,on this day,we a group of three,namely,Aswin Babu,Agney Rao and me came up with a new initiative of quizzing and implemented it successfully.It was a huge success as far as we were concerned.

A general quiz in Amrita was a long time dream for all of us.We waited a lot,but no one turned up.We expected some of our seniors to be interested in quizzing.But,unfortunately that never happened.So,we decided to go forward with this initiative of conducting an open quiz for all schools of Amrita in Amritapuri(Ayurveda,Engineering,Arts and science and Biotechnology).We first met Prashant swami of CIR dept who was our backbone for all our activities.He was really happy. He gave us many ideas for conducting the Quiz.He gave us the permission for room and also helped in printing posters.

Aswin and I designed the posters by 20th April.It was vacation time here in Amrita at that time.So,we couldn’t paste it anywhere.Two days later,classes reopened.We pasted some 10 posters all around the campus.We found a student of Biotechnology,Ashwin.He helped us in passing this information in his campus.I went to school of Amrita during lunch break and handed over some of the posters to a staff there who was very much friendly and also ensured me that he will inform the names of team participating from the campus atleast 2 days before 27th.

3 of us prepared the questions.Aswin and I mainly concentrated on current Affairs,politics,sports,science ,etc.Agney prepared a mela quiz.We prepared a prelims round and 3 rounds of final.

At the same time,we were very happy that we could get around 14 teams registered .It was really a big encouragement for all us.

We scheduled our Quiz at 4 PM.All the participants reached by around 4:30.We had a small delay as we took time for setting up the projector and sound settings.Aswin and Agney had some lab exams,so we were more delayed.

We started the event by 5 PM.We could find only 8 teams out of the 14 registered.We were a bit sad for that.We decided not to have the prelims.We wanted everyone to have the taste of Quiz.Moreover,we were introducing some new rounds.Another reason why we avoided the prelims was we knew the heartbroken minds of many after getting elimated from the finals(we were also in the same state in many Quizzes).And it was the first Quiz in Amrita since a long time.

So,my prelims questions were taken as the first round of Quiz.We introduced the pouncing , where all teams are given equal opportunity in answering questions.All were really energetic.Maximum questions went answered.Aswins’s round also  followed the same.Agney’s round was a low scoring round.But the questions were really trivial.

The quiz ended by 7 PM.At the end of the day the EEE teams emerged first and second.They all were very happy with the quiz.We too were happy and found it a grand success.We know we have a long way to go.But we have set a begining.Now we are confident of our path .

To view our quiz questions click here.


One thought on “Landmark General Open Quiz

  1. Well great job Joice and ur team 😀

    small correction we call different school (like arts and sciences/engineering) not different campus, hope you fix them

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