Boot Repair in ubuntu

Boot repair is something which is really necessary if you are having multiple Operating systems in your system.This post will help you to do boot repair in ubuntu.

A breif introduction which resulted me to do boot repair recently:
Last night,I was trying to fix some driver errors and installed some new softwares into my windows machine.I downloaded all the drivers and necessary softwares from HP website(am having a HP Laptop).All the driver issues were fixed comfortably and I was really happy that after some work I have set up the windows – ubuntu dual boot .

But,unfortunately,when I restarted my system,I could no longer see my grub.I was directly booted into my windows os.I never expected it because I  spend a long time working on installing many necessary softwares in ubuntu.But,when I went to my disk partition,I saw the ubuntu partition alive.Moreover,I also thought of reinstalling ubuntu and I inserted a live CD.But,I saw a message like erase your ubuntu 14.04 and install new ubuntu which strengthened me.I understood that some softwares  or drivers I have installed screwed me.

I went into windows and uninstalled some of the softwares.Now,I could see my ubuntu OS in the BOOT MENU OPTIONS.But,since I had to do some extra steps to get into my ubuntu every time ,I thought of doing a boot repair.Some of the commands I got from the Internet didn’t work for me.I had to do more search .So,here goes BOOT REPAIR:

Boot into your ubuntu machine and get connected to the internet.Open a terminal and enter
Step1:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
If the above command was working successfully,go ahead with the next step,
If you got something like this:
Dont worry, go to Launchpad  and click on technical details about this ppa and select you ubuntu version.Select you ubuntu and you will see 2 lines of instruction in the rectangular box below.
You need to manually add the ppa.
Enter in the terminal:
 sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
You will get a text document with PPA’s.Go to the bottom and paste the 2 lines you have seen in the rectangular box.
Sudo apt-get update
So,now you are done with adding the ppa.

Step2:sudo apt-get update(no need to do again,if you have done while adding ppa)

Step3:sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

You will see:

Selected recommended repair.
Once it is finished.Restart into you system.You will get something like:

I hope this helped you.Have fun 😉


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