First Article in OSFY

I heard a lot of people writing articles for OSFY.Last month,since it was my vacation,I decided to write an article on Firefox app development.I send them the table of contents and they where really impressed and asked me to send the contents.I send them within few days.I got an email very shortly that the article has been edited as per their standards and will be published in the next month’s OSFY.I was really happy with the way they edited and all seemed fine.

Now,I was eagerly waiting for the author’s copy.I went to the Postal Department of my college from the beginning of August.I had no response in the first two visits.Finally,when I visited on 12th August,I saw my name in the Postal list.Yea,the OSFY magazine was waiting for me.It was my first OSFY magazine too.It had a small cover letter and the magazine.It was great feeling to receive the magazine.Moreover,it was my first Post I received in my college.I will definitely keep this moment in my memory forever.I will also keep  the magazine along with the cover as a memory.I feel this my I’day surprise.


Happy Independence day guys.Have fun.


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