First Bug fix

Today seems to  be a better day for me after a very long time.Yea,my first bug fix was reviewed and tested by the Drupal community.This was something I was dreaming of since a very long time.Many of my friends used to ask “what where you doing all these months?” and I used to be completely dumbstuck.I tried on many organisations and finally Drupal seems to be the one which got clicked.Moreover.I think this might be something I can remember of for the month of August 2015.

I started my open source interaction with WikiMedia community.I cloned their git repo and started surfing for various bugs.I found some,but most of them were out of my reach(I felt it like a himalayan task to work with).I spent really a very long time time.I learnt a lot new things.I  learnt about phabricator,where we can find bugs reported in wikimedia and the review process in WIkimedia-Gerrit.I interacted with some of the developers there.

On the mean while,I worked with a firefox App-Quiz-Mania.It got launched in the firefox marketplace too.So,that was the first phase.

Then,I decided to improve my php skills by getting involved with  web development.I made php forms and that helped me a lot.

At the meanwhile I also came across KDE and FEDORA.But,I wasn’t much impressed of.I surfed many organisations and finally landed up at Drupal.It is based on content management systems(CMS).I got a Drupal account and started communicating with developers in #Drupal IRC chats.I got many helpful developers and started following their instructions.I cloned  their git repo and started working on a minor issue.I worked on the issue and I was able to send two patches for two different versions of Drupal(7 and 8) for the same issue.It got reviewed and tested by the Drupal community within a few days.

Yes,really a energy boosting moment.I am now encouraged to do more and more open source contributions .I hope I can contribute even more in the  coming days. 🙂


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