Hacks with Saktimayi

Hello guys,

Its been so long since I wrote my last post.These days I was working on some of the issues of Drupal.And Drupal seems to have clicked for me.

Its been a long dream for me to have my saktimayi account in my browser.I got a public html folder in my account and started working on it.Initially,it was just like a stationary page without any css that just displays the files in my saktimayi.After seeing some of my senior’s saktimayi web pages,I decided to enhance it.I like all these web hacks by the way.

Finally,I have now added a web template and made it look better,prettier.

And now the shape of my saktimayi is like:http://saktimayi.amritavidya.edu/~u4cse13128/

Thanks Dhanvi for that notification.It seems like this link is only available for wifi users in amrita.So,non-amrita users,please follow:http://geojoyce.github.io/

Look cool,right?

Its always fun for me to work with the web stuffs.I am currently working with creating modules in Drupal.Hoping to add more posts in the future.

Have a good time guys.


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