Working with the database Part 1/2

Recently I was installing PostgreSQL and related tools.So,I decided to share you my experience and help you to establish the same.

We are currently having Database Managment systems(DBMS in short) for our semester 5 B.Tech course.We are following the PostgreSql and pgadmin3 as the interface application.So,I hope this post will definitely help my friends in installing the PostgreSql and the related tools in handling it.

Initially,I recommend everyone to have Apache installed in your system.Localhost is a very cool service which will help you to host things and apache establishes it and localhost will be useful as a host in the pgadmin process.

So,lets get started Ctl+Alt+T

As the terminal comes up,enter the command:
sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

This will help you install the LAMP(Linux Apache Mysql Php) in ubuntu.Mysql is also another sql database.If you go to in your browser you will see the localhost page.You will probably get something like this given in this below snap.

Once it is done,lets move into the postgreSql part.
To install PostgreSql,enter
sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Now,we need to setup it.Enter,
sudo -u postgres psql postgres

You are now in the postgres.Add a password to your postgres by entering

\password postgres

You will be prompted to enter the password once you enter the above command.
To create a new database enter:
sudo -u postgres createdb db

where db is the database name
To exit the postgres,enter Ctl+D or \q

Now,to install pgadmin.

sudo apt-get install pgadmin3

I think this post is getting a bit longer.So.working with pgadmin in my next post.

See you guys.

Have a nice time.


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