Contribute to Drupal Part 2/2

Prerequisite for this post is :Contribute to Drupal Part 2/2
Find and fix bugs

I hope you are okay with the installation process.You can kickstart into open source contribution by fixing some bugs in the Drupal core.

Create an account in is a issue queue in Drupal where you can see all the bugs reported.Visit .I hope you could see something like figure 5.
Figure 5:Issue queue.
Figure 5
This list consists of all the issue or bugs of Drupal.It gives a brief summary of all the issues.
You can add filters and choose issues as per your requirement.If you want to start working on any bug,its better to change the status field’s value in the filter to Active.Active will have all the bugs which you can start with.Open issues will contain the list of all issues,it can be which are under review,fixed and also to be worked upon.
Since we have installed a particular version of Drupal(8.0.x),change the version to 8.0.x-dev.You can select the priority also as per your wish.Now,search for issues.If you find an issue which you could do,open the issue.Read the report about the issue given in the issue link.The comments may be also really useful.Go through it and once you think you can work on it,Click on update this issue.On the Assigned option,chose your username(I hope you are logged in your account) and click on save.This ensure that you are working on this issue.
Now,make required changes in the code and test it locally.

Submitting a patch
Once you are done with the required changes,we need to upload it to the issue queue.Drupal generally accepts git diffs,i.e you need to upload only the patch.
So,get the git diff.Go to your Drupal git repo in your system and do a git diff.There is a format for the file in which the diff should be stored.It is of the formsddfdsf

Give a very short description of the comment.The new comment number is the new comment number to which this patch will get added to once it is uploaded.
So,the git diff will be of the form

git diff 8.0.x >short_description_of_the_comment-new_comment_number.patch

So,once you have stored the patch file,we need to upload to get reviewed.Go,to the issue link and go to the bottom of the page.You would have got Add a new file option.Upload the patch and click on save.Now,click on update this issue and change the status to Needs review.The patch you have uploaded is now ready to get reviewed.The patch also undergoes some basic tests which will check the coding standards and some basic aspects.If your patch passes the tests,you will get a green colored box with the patch inside it,just like give in the figure 6.
Figure 6:Tests passed.
Figure 6
The patch will be then reviewed by the developer and if there is any more modification needed,they will inform you.If you have uploaded the right patch the issue will be closed.The review process may take a bit of time as there are many issues which are under review daily.

Get connected with developers

Always ensure that you are in good contact with community developers.Interact with them as much as possible.Irc channels are available for Drupal to communicate with the developers.You can contact them at #drupal,#drupal-contribute,#drupa-support at freenode.You can talk with mentors here.You can intereact with the issue reporters and get a clear understanding about the issue.There is also mailing list for Drupal.Get subscribed to Drupal mailing list and ensure that you are not going to miss any update from drupal community.You can get the mailing list here: .Ensure that you are aware about the various Drupal conferences happening around and also try to attend some of them too.Drupal is also offering grants for students.
Google summer of code is another oppportunity for students to get involved in Drupal projects.Its really a good chance for all students.You can work with awesome project and also can get connected to many mentors.


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