Getting Ready for DrupalCon Asia 2016

Hey folks,

Finally DrupalCon Asia 2016 is nearing and the wait for the most exciting events of the Drupal is coming to an end. I was really excited to see the Drupal event coming to India(seems like for the first time may be atleast in the past decade ). I registered for the event in the very early days of November along with my other Drupal contributors from my campus. It was really a blessing for us as this was also the year we started contributing to the awesome content management system- Drupal.

But, at the same time we were also concerned a lot about our expenses for the same. Then came the offer from Drupal that it was distributing grants and scholarships for a selected number of the conference. We applied for the same within a  few days and was eagerly waiting for the results which were to be declared on November 23rd 2015. A couple of days before the actual result declaration, I got a mail asking to authenticate  some details regarding the grant eligibility. This really increased my confidence and once the result was out, my name was also pinned into the grant winners list . Thanks to the FOSS club, Vipin sir and also my friends who encouraged me in the contribution activities. I think some of the bug fixes which I did in the early days helped me crack the grant.

So, now I am supported with the travel and accommodation expenses by Drupal Association.  I will be leaving for Mumbai on 18th February. I am sure it will be a great experience  and I want to make the best use of it. The conference is from 18th to 21st February in one of my dream institute in India-‘Indian Institute of Technology Bombay’. This is going to be my first visit to an IIT and that enhances the beauty of my trip. Hope I could meet up with the awesome developers of Drupal and have a wonderful weekend in the city of dreams with new visions and ideas .

I will definitely post my Mumbai experience in the coming posts.

Thanks for spending your valuable time with me.

Have a nice time guys.


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