DrupalCon Asia 2016 Experience

Hey folks,

I was part of the Drupal Asia conference ‘DrupalCon Asia 2016’ which was held in IIT-Bombay from 19-20 February 2016. It was really a wonderful experience for me throughout the trip and also most importantly conference. I would like to share with you my experience in Mumbai with you.
I was offered a grant from Drupal Association which supported me from travelling and accommodation in Mumbai (You can imagine how hard its to go to a metro city like Bombay without any funding, Drupal helped me over here.).  Thanks to this wonderful community for their support.
I was accompanied by Pavan, second year CSE. We had to roam a big portion of Mumbai city on 18th(Kurla, Sakinaka, Andheri, Kanjur Marg,Powai are some of them) as the OYO services troubled us a lot with our rooms. But, anyway we took it in the positive spirit as we could have a better glimpse of the Bombay in the very first day. Finally, we could settle down in our rooms by around 11 in the night.
Next day, we woke up early as I was supposed to be in the volunteering team of the conference for the first couple of hours and was to be in the campus by 8 AM. IIT Bombay is situated in Powai. Powai lake is a famous point near to it and the campus is situated in a wonderful sight. We got off the hotel by 7 AM and started walking to Chakala(J B Nagar) Metro station. It was around 1.5 Kms from the hotel. We reached there within some 20 minutes and went to Ghatkoper by Metro and from there to Kanjur Marg by the Suburban railway. We took a riksha from there and reached auto by nearly 8 AM.
Now, speaking about IIT. This was my first visit to an IIT. So, I was really excited for this trip. IIT Bombay is really a well planned campus. It can be termed a green campus. We can find trees planted along the roads within IIT and they are maintained well. It is a very huge campus with good navigation systems(you will get maps pinned every corner) and the roads are also well maintained. I think the intra roads over there are more broader than the highways available in Kerala :).
The Registration Desk was setup in the VMCC hall. We headed to VMCC and cleared the formalities and I helped the Registration team for some time. We had the breakfast and headed to the convocation hall where the inaugural session and the keynote was going on. The conference was officially declared open by Dries Buytaert, founder and lead programmer of Drupal CMS. He gave a wonderful Keynote which briefed about the journey of Drupal and its upcoming projects .He spoke about the new trend in Drupal, the D8 version and the contribution of asian society in the Drupal which is quite a big one. Asia is the second largest contributor towards Drupal community.
Then started various sessions. The sessions were for all types people. It was mainly on : business, case studies, coding and development, contributions , front end, mobile and site building. If you are interested you could look out for the sessions held here.
I took part in a session led by Klaus purer on ‘How to publish a module on drupal.org‘. It was quite interesting. It stressed the importance of coding standards, sandbox, secure codes, community reviews.
I could also attend a session of Larry Garfield on ‘Make your code do your job’ and also a session of Shyamala Rajaram on the importance of drupal community and how to contribute to this CMS.
There were also exhibits of various Drupal companies in the halls. There were some random talks and fun sessions going on. We also had some fun,  playing games in the meantime.
The second day day started with the keynote of Danese Cooper, an American advocate of open source software. She has been in India for the past 18 years strengthening open source in various govenment organisations and universities. Then again followed various sessions on Drupal modules, Deploy module of Drupal, Discussion of growth of India in open source, Drupal 8 Site buIIT Bombayilding.
So, overall it was a wonderful experience in Bombay for both of us. We could also talk directly with some of them to whom we had only some IRC chats. They were also ready to help us for working on projects. They were also very much excited when they heard of a FOSS club in our campus.
The food was awesome in IIT. There was no separation like speaker, attendee. Anyone can eat whatever they want and there were numerous food counters.
The sessions were well arranged. Time management of the foreign speakers were something interesting to have experienced. If a session is to begin at 10 AM, they won’t care even if there is enough members, they straightway begin at 10 and stop at the exact time allocated to them.
I thank the entire Drupal team and the IIT Bombay representatives who made this event a memorable and an interesting one.

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