Review of Civil Service Orientation Program

Hey everyone,
As many of you know, yesterday our campus hosted another civil service orientation program in connection with the Amrita Civil service Academy, Trivandrum . This was the third time such a program happened on our campus. We were blessed to have the presence of ‘the collector bro’ (popularly called)- Prashant Nair IAS led the first event, followed by Dr. Alby who as trained and helped and mentored many to reach the prestigious civil service( Prashant sir and Dr. Alby John were his students). Those sessions were really inspiring. I always wonder how the CIR team is able to make such interesting selection in terms of the guests.

So, based on the previous experience, I was really excited on hearing about this event. The event was scheduled to begin at 9 AM in Amriteshwari hall. Today’s chief guest was Mr. Neeraj Nachiketa from Samkalp, Delhi. He goes to many premier civils coaching institutes of India.

The session started around 9: 30 AM. Biju ji gave a brief introduction about the previous activities of the Civil service Forum in the campus and welcomed the chief guest. The session kickstarted with an introduction to various services starting from the glamorous IAS, IFS, IPS and to all other 24 services of the UPSC. He spoke about the various challenges and opportunities offered by the services and most importantly their diversities. Often, when we go to corporate world, we are getting into some kind of specialization. The civils give you chance to minke with people from various sectors of the society and also apply your innovative ideas for the betterment of the society. On the same time, the vicious circle of Politicians, power holders becomes a barrier in some form of development. But still, the prestige of the service is something different.
Later on, he spoke about the exam pattern. He stressed on how to learn and master the various subjects. We can read a newspaper in 4 hours and end up in nothing and at the same time if we know the right way, we could do it 60 minutes and grab the right information. So, he pointed out the various essential requirements. The optional subjects were also mentioned.
The session also came up with an idea of a civil service camp in Ettimadai this summer for 10-15 days where civils aspirants from all the 5 Amrita campuses will get together and experts from all around India will give talks and interactive sessions. This is the only campus where students are given a chance to get into civils coaching along with the regular studies (even IIT students has to depend upon the coaching centres in Delhi).
The session concluded with a Q & A session where students cleared their doubts about the civil service examination and their doubts regarding various services.
If you get time, I advice to go through the ‘One in Millions‘ program conducted by Amrita T V where selected number of students where given the UPSC style of interview by the experts(I would call celebraties 😉 including Prahsant Nair IAS, Rishi Raj Singh IPS, ‘the Metro man’ – Dr. E Sreedharan and so on.
I know the post was a bit too long. But, I hope it will be helpful for you someway or the other.
Thanks for spending your time.

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