It’s all happening!

I just remember a simple conversation I had with one of my faculty placement coordinator which happened around 12 months back. It goes like this:

Me:  Hi. I feel really excited seeing the current placement statistics.

Coordinator: Yes, this year we had a good number of core placements. Most of your seniors are placed and that too with very high packages. The performance of the batch has been improving year by year.

Me: oh, nice. That ‘s really a cool. Our batch is also going to face the interview process very soon.

Coordinator: Yes, and which is your dream company?

Me: (a bit surprised, not yet having some clear goals and just for the sake of an answer gave a random reply): SAP labs!.

I was placed in Bosch software solutions in July 2016. But, I wanted a core company. I won’t say Bosch isn’t a perfect place. But, when it comes to Computer science, Bosch remains a question mark. Then, I attempted one more interview for Symantec. I went without much preparation and the result was disastrous (knocked out in the very first interview!).

SAP labs arrived in Amrita for placements last week and I was in the second round of interviews after clearing the online rounds which were held at the respective campuses. I could clear all the rounds successfully.

Yes, and finally on January 25, 2017 (a day before the Indian republic day), I am placed in this well known German campus in Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India.

PS: Please don’t consider this is as a drama as a result of the selection process. The characters of this conversation are still alive 🙂


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