Back to writing

The blog post has always been a powerful tool express the views. I have been out of posts due to some reasons. Yes, and finally I think let me scribble down something to restart my writing habits. Another GSoC proposal period has come to an end with an enormous amount of participation from FOSS@Amrita club. I feel really proud to know that around 25 first years have applied for GSoC this year. In our times, we were not even aware how to contribute to an organization at this entry period (even though I used to hear talk like I contribute to so and so organization from my seniors and mentors out here). I am not coming up with a topic to debate here. Yes, at the same time, I could learn a lot about my various technologies which helped me to be a part of last year’s GSoC.

I am really happy to see the performance of the students in the form of their proposals. They have taken serious efforts to come up with attractive proposals. I see really high-quality proposals from our students which are definitely due to the extreme support from our senior members. I am sure the last 1 month was really a memorable time for my juniors. They could interact with developers all around and most importantly craft software project proposals of open source organizations.

This is a totally different experience and I would say all the Computer science Engineering students should give an attempt here at least once. The selection of the proposal is an entirely different story. There are no words to express the satisfaction we get on submitting the proposal in the GSoC website after all the efforts. We build new partnerships with developers worldwide and this is definitely going to help us throughout our lifetime.

Good luck to all the GSoC aspirants. You have already amazed us 🙂


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