Landmark General Open Quiz

27th April 2015 is definitely going to be a memorable day for me atleast for some years.Yes,on this day,we a group of three,namely,Aswin Babu,Agney Rao and me came up with a new initiative of quizzing and implemented it successfully.It was a huge success as far as we were concerned.

A general quiz in Amrita was a long time dream for all of us.We waited a lot,but no one turned up.We expected some of our seniors to be interested in quizzing.But,unfortunately that never happened.So,we decided to go forward with this initiative of conducting an open quiz for all schools of Amrita in Amritapuri(Ayurveda,Engineering,Arts and science and Biotechnology).We first met Prashant swami of CIR dept who was our backbone for all our activities.He was really happy. He gave us many ideas for conducting the Quiz.He gave us the permission for room and also helped in printing posters.

Aswin and I designed the posters by 20th April.It was vacation time here in Amrita at that time.So,we couldn’t paste it anywhere.Two days later,classes reopened.We pasted some 10 posters all around the campus.We found a student of Biotechnology,Ashwin.He helped us in passing this information in his campus.I went to school of Amrita during lunch break and handed over some of the posters to a staff there who was very much friendly and also ensured me that he will inform the names of team participating from the campus atleast 2 days before 27th.

3 of us prepared the questions.Aswin and I mainly concentrated on current Affairs,politics,sports,science ,etc.Agney prepared a mela quiz.We prepared a prelims round and 3 rounds of final.

At the same time,we were very happy that we could get around 14 teams registered .It was really a big encouragement for all us.

We scheduled our Quiz at 4 PM.All the participants reached by around 4:30.We had a small delay as we took time for setting up the projector and sound settings.Aswin and Agney had some lab exams,so we were more delayed.

We started the event by 5 PM.We could find only 8 teams out of the 14 registered.We were a bit sad for that.We decided not to have the prelims.We wanted everyone to have the taste of Quiz.Moreover,we were introducing some new rounds.Another reason why we avoided the prelims was we knew the heartbroken minds of many after getting elimated from the finals(we were also in the same state in many Quizzes).And it was the first Quiz in Amrita since a long time.

So,my prelims questions were taken as the first round of Quiz.We introduced the pouncing , where all teams are given equal opportunity in answering questions.All were really energetic.Maximum questions went answered.Aswins’s round also  followed the same.Agney’s round was a low scoring round.But the questions were really trivial.

The quiz ended by 7 PM.At the end of the day the EEE teams emerged first and second.They all were very happy with the quiz.We too were happy and found it a grand success.We know we have a long way to go.But we have set a begining.Now we are confident of our path .

To view our quiz questions click here.


Bangalore Days……

The first weekend of February 2015 gave me a wonderful opportunity to be in the Garden city -Bengaluru.10 students of my campus-‘Amrita school of Engineering,Kollam’ were part of the Amrita squad for the ‘InBloom-15’-the official cultural fest of Christ University,Bangalore.It was really a memorable trip for me.It was  4 days trip .

DAY1 ,

We went to kayankulam Railway station around 5 PM.We had 2 faculties along with us-Prashant sir from CIR Dept(who was the main corinator in arrranging the trip ) and Ashwathy Miss(from English Dept).We booked our ticket in the Kochuveli-Bangalore Express.Our train was scheduled at 6.15 PM from Kayankulam.We reached by around 5.30 at the station.We were feeling very tired since we were coming  after the classes and didn’t have any tea/snacks.So we decided to have something from the food stall nearby.The train arrived by around 7 PM.

Six of us had the berths in S10 and remaining in S13.Shyam and myself was in nearby berths.I  switched on my music player and found some time to listen to some melodius songs saved in my Phone .I also got some nice views of Alappey,The train arrived at Ernakulam Junction by around 9PM.Others had their dinner from some suppliers from the Pantry car by that timeWe didn’t like the quality of that food(as all of us know where they are prepared from-near toilets and quality of ingredients in them.).So both of us decided to get down and have something from the station.We came down with the expectation that the train will stop atleast 15 minutes there(as it is a common scene).

We quickly spotted a parcel centre working near the station entrance.We ordered 2 masala Dosas and were patiently waiting.Soon we found the train moving(within 5 minutes of arrival-really hard to believe Indian railway is following the time standards).At first sight I thought it was a signal mistake.But later on it was found to take more pace.We were in a stressful situtation.I even thought of going back to the counter and asking back the money.But a big round of applause to the food stall team who acted in a positive manner and in a very quick time they packed and gave us the parcel.We ran into the train and somehow managed to enter one of the sleeper coaches.We knew they have faced lots of such cases and for them it is one more to that list.We had the dinner peacefully from that coach(it was not that crowded).Then we moved on to our coach.It was time for us to sleep.

Day 2:

I woke up by around 6 PM.The train was in Dharmapuri. It was somewhat cold.I luckily had a sweater with me.The outside view was blocked by the thick fog.I could witness a pleasant surprise when my train reached White Field station.I saw the GOLDEN CHARIOT-often termed as Palace on wheels.I have heard a lot about its luxury.

tgc-bb126 goldenchariot-train

We reached Bengaluru City Railway station by 8.30(Its rare to see trains on time).It was my first visit to the station since I used Bus in most of my travel to Bangalore.It was comparatively a big one with 10 platforms.It is one of the busiest station in India.It is really a well planned station.It is supported with all the necessary requirements of people.Good security system too.There is escalator too.

Within some 10 minutes we came out of the station.All of us were new to the area.We were welcomed by Taxiwalas and rikshawalas(a common scene in almost all stations outside Kerala.).We took 2 Autos and directed to Christ University.The traffic was normal.At one point,we couldn’t find our other auto.We were tensed.I enquired with the driver(my Hindi helped me,moreover great to see drivers in the cities knowing atleast 2 languages.).He told us that he took a different and shorter way.We reached within 25 minutes.After lots of Bargaining with the driver,we finally gave him 200.We could locate others in the main entrance.

It was a festive mood in  Christ University.The music was ON and all were in a happy look.We did our initial registrations and were taken to a nearby hotel which was another surprise(in other campuses , accomodation is given in class rooms).We were given accomodation in hotel TNC (An A/C Deluxe hotel).It was a nice hotel with Television and all stuff in each room.3 were asked to share a room.It was really close to ORACLE.I took some photos.One big thing about this trip is that I learnt names of many local places around Bangalore.Christ university was in Koramangala,close to Forum Mall.We refreshed and went to the venue of the sports and entertainment quiz.We did our registrations and went inside the hall which was in the 10th floor of the building.There were around 40 teams.My team-mates were Aswin Babu and Agney Rao from EEE Dept.

The prelims of the first quiz-sports and Entertainment was over by 11 Am.It was a good one.Even though we couldn’t get many,it was really interesting one.We had our lunch in the college canteen.We went to FORUM Mall nearby in the evening.It was a nice time there.I tried some variety ice-creams there in the food court.Then we went to our hotel by around 9 PM.We had a small dinner form a nearby restaurant.At 11pm,some of us decided to have a walk through the city(Harigovind,syam and me :).).It was nice.We also tasted egg Dosa from a street Dabba.Then we returned and had a long sleep till around 8 am next morning.

The second day was a really special one to me.I will explain it.We had a General quiz prelims in the morning hours.Again,we couldn’t clear the prelims.We were really upset by the results.Some of my cousins were working in Bangalore.They invited me to their house when they heard about my visit.So,I decided to have a short visit to some of their homes.We had our dinner again from the college canteen.The special was:


yes,this is the Belgium Dark Chocolate.Really a super  one .Delicious.It was economical too(30 Rs).I took 2 cups of the same.It was having a very good demand there.I think the favorite dish in Christ.

Then I decided to go to my cousin’s house in K R puram.I started at 3 PM.I took a bus to Silk Board and form there I  got a volvo bus to KR Puram.It was around 1 hr journey to KR puram.Then I took a bus to Hoody(ITPL).My cousin was waiting for me there(since it was a saturday,he was free).He took me to his apartment.My another cousin sister was staying next to him.He took me to her also.We had some chit-chats there.It was 7.30 Pm.I decided to start my return journey after remembering some harsh traffic of Bangalore in news channels.My cousin helped me to get a bus to silk board.The bus conductor told us that it will go to Silk road.When  I asked other passengers,most of them were saying this and that(not sure about ).Later on I understood that I have boarded a wrong bus.I got down and found a van to silk board.I entered the van.It was keeping on waiting there.I sat inside for around 20 minutes.They were trying to get as many as possible.I reached silk Road by 9 Pm.The traffic was fully jammed there.I found that it will take only 20 minutes walk form there to Koramangalam.So I decided to make a short walk.

It was really a nice walk.After some time ,I found a place fully of keralites(Madiwala).My cousin later on told me that it was a Kerala colony.After around 25 minutes of walk I reached the Hotel.It was really a wonderful experience for me.I really enjoyed that evening.I learnt a lot about Bangalore in that 6 hours journey(traffic,routes).

We returned to Kollam the next morning in the Ernakulam intercity.Thank you Bangalore for a rich experience.I will never forget those 2 days in the Garden City.

Quiz Mania

Quizzes are really an entertaining media.I have participated in many quizzes in my School Days.I wanted this to get continued in my college days too.After the end of the first year,I felt very less participation of  students in my college in quizzes.I could hardly see any one going out and representing the college for Inter college events.I think the students are only bothered about their studies and the present day curriculum doesn’t give any importance for the extra -curricular activities which give students time to relax.

In my First year I could participate in an AmalaBharatham quiz(Independence day quiz) conducted by the sanskriti. Clube.There was very less participation.My team comprising of myself and Nabhas Raj, a student of EEE of my college bagged the second position in the event.We were really happy since we were the only team fro the First years to have got selected from the prelims and it was a thrilling experience to contest with our seniors.That event helped me to become friends with many of my seniors from different departments.

After  that event I couldn’t see any quizzes in this college.I expected it at least during the college Tech fest.But it didn’t happen.

Now the second year of my B tech has started.I have become active in the FOSS club of my college.One night,When I opened the inbox of my mobile phone,I saw a message regarding-Quiz Manaia-A prelims for the selection of Campus quiz team.I was really thrilled.I participated in it.The result is yet to be out.I got an idea in my mind to start a Quiz club in my campus.I contacted the organizers of the quiz Mania.They were really supportive.They informed me that some of my seniors were also happy by seeing a larger turnover for the ‘Quiz mania’ and they were also interested in forming a club.Now,I ‘m looking forward to accomplish my idea.I ‘m also making a Firefox app.I hope all will go smooth this time.